My Introduction

My name is Ronald Arroyo, but I like to go by Ron. I’m from Orlando Florida and I’ve lived in Tampa Florida for the past five years. I’m majoring in Mass Communications to pursue a degree in broadcast news in the near future. I enjoy working with video cameras, editing and learning a lot about whats going on in the world; which has lead me to pursue broadcast news as a career. Some of my hobbies include going to concerts, going out with friends, and occasionally spending a good amount of time on Youtube. While I have never done anything like a blog before, I hope to learn a lot from this this course and generally blog about anything interesting going on in my current days during this semester, as well as anything relating to this mass media and journalism. I’m looking forward to working and learning with my fellow peers this semester.


3 thoughts on “My Introduction

  1. Hello!
    Broadcast news interests me as well, and it is one of the things I am considering focusing on in my journalism career. What Youtube channels interest you? I have recently been very into Shane Dawson and his Conspiracy Theory videos.
    Hope to read more from you soon!


    1. I get a lot of my current events information from a youtuber named Philip Defranco. He does daily news videos. He tires his best to give all the information available and to remain as unbiased as possible. Check him out!

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  2. Hi Ron! After reading you’re blog i see we have a lot of the same interests. I am also looking into pursuing the broadcasting side of journalism. Looking forward to sharing some ideas in this class!


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