Mass Comm NOW

Ever since the Bill of Rights was written up in 1791, how people all over the country get their news has dramatically evolved.  First by having town criers shouting out public pronouncements to inform nearby listeners. Then local news papers being bought out and sold throughout towns and cities. Now there’s a mass range of ways to gain and consume news and media from all over the world.

The ever-evolving times, causing journalism to change… This is why we need more students to enhance with the times and gain Mass Communication degrees.

I spoke with a HCC Mass Communication professor about her reasoning for learning and teaching Mass Comm and what she thinks about the importance in future journalism.

  1. What was your main reasons for gaining a degree in Mass Communication?
  2. What drove you to start teaching Mass Comm?
  3. How do you think Mass Comm has changed since you were in college earning your degree?
  4. What ways do you try and keep up with how news is changing rapidly over time?
  5. Do you prefer newer methods of consuming news over the traditional ways?
  6. How has technology affect journalism in a positive and negative way?
  7. How do you feel about the state of journalism in 2018 going into 2019?
  8. How do you feel Journalism can be improved upon?
  9. What’s the most important piece of information you try and teach your students every semester?
  10. What do you hope your students gain from taking Mass Communication, and Journalism classes that should stick with them for the rest of their career?



One thought on “Mass Comm NOW

  1. This is a great idea for an interview. This teacher can probably give you some good information to help you with this class. With all the new ways of communicating it is definitely important to get students involved with mass communications.


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