Writing a Narrative

There is an importance for future students to gain mass communication and journalism degrees. This story focuses on the the ever-evolving times and how the advancing technology are causing a rapid change in media, so many students need to gain degrees in these fields. With the increasing amount of students all over the country, coming into Colleges like Hillsborough Community College straight out of high school, they come seeking guidance. Many students, unsure of what career choice to follow in, could find themselves gaining a degree in Mass Communications or journalism. Nancy Lorenzen is a Mass Communication professor that has many years of experience in this field and has taught students at HCC for just over five years. with the number of journalism jobs increasing or decreasing over the past decade along with the trend of student graduates gaining degrees in these fields shows just how relevant and importance this media is to everyone.


3 thoughts on “Writing a Narrative

  1. Wow, great choice for your story! Nancy Lorenzen was my MMC2000 professor last year, and she was amazing. I’m sure you got a great interview and will write an even greater story. All the best!


  2. hi ron ,
    your interview sounds really interesting . its also something very relevant to us as mass communication students , with the world around us always changing , we have to be at all times prepared for the next big thing. i look forward reading more about it !


  3. I think this is a great idea as far as your interview goes. Many students such as myself have no idea what they want to do specifically but we know it should be in the field of journalism. And who knows, she could even provide them with information in another field that could change their mind for the better. It’s just nice to know that there are resources, such as this, out there available to students who may be confused.


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