Photo Journalism Ideas

I’m not entirely sure what I want to do for my photo journalism Project, but I have some ideas to get started. I was thinking about maybe doing it on one of the many museums all over the Tampa Bay area. Tampa is home to some of the worlds most amazing museums like the Tampa Bay Art Museum, downtown, or even the Salvador Dali Museum in St. Pete. These museums provide many beautiful works of art I can express to different people by using them in my photo journalism project. I shouldn’t have to stress about getting good and well focused shots since most of the works at these museums are still and are allowed to be photographed. This would be a fun learning experience for me since I’ve never really dabbled in photography, but I’ve attended several of the museums in Tampa and know a little bit about what to expect from them.


5 thoughts on “Photo Journalism Ideas

  1. Going to one of the museums are a great idea! There are so many subjects you would be able to make a story about. I had to go to the Art museum downtown and one in Saint Pete for a paper in one of my humanities classes. It is really fun and there are a lot of interesting things in the museums. I think its a great idea.


  2. Ron,

    This is such an excellent idea. Most everyone that I know loves art so I feel like you will have a lot of impact with this story. Maybe you should do multiple museums and compare them? I think it would be really interesting to see the difference in the museums. I look forward to reading your story. Thanks for sharing!



  3. I think it is a great idea to make your photo journalism project about museums in Tampa! I would definitely want to see some of the artworks that these museums have to show because I’ve never been to a museum in Tampa. So I will definitely be interested in the kinds of pictures you put in you article about the museums and see how your first experience with photography turns out.


  4. hi ron ,
    i really like your idea , it sounds like it would be fun & Tampa has some good museums you could choose from ,
    im sure you’ll be able to get inspiration from one of them .
    good luck !


  5. Hi, Ron. This already sounds interesting so I hope you get to do it for your project. Museums are the perfect places for art and like you said, most of the pieces there are already still so shouldn’t be a problem to capture those images. I’m honestly looking forward to what you come up with.


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