Thoughts on Newsy

Over all I think NEWSY is a great source for frequently updated news.  This sites provides short, easy to follow videos about current events that might not be covered by mainstream media outlets. With each story you watch, the site also leave a script to follow along with that includes links to the sources used in the video. The site is broken down into four categories, along with a featured story that is more in dept on a specific event. The four categories are headlines, policies, culture and science/technology. As you scroll down the home page the stories are also categorized from US news, world news, technology news, science/health news, sports news, entertainment news and business news. The categories are helpful for finding specific topics to follow and the links provided in the script are helpful when finding credible sources on the topic. NEWSY also has a free app to download that can be customized to only show stories on topics you wish to see and filters out any news you don’t wish to see.


One thought on “Thoughts on Newsy

  1. The script is very helpful because some people may rather read about it. Finding credible sources is important that’s a nice feature they have. I didn’t know they had an app that’s a great way to focus in news if your a busy person.


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