I have a few people in mind to interview for the project. The first person is I have in mind is the lead contractor for my company. She is this very serious but compassionate person who does anything she can to get the job done. The reason why I would interview her is because I actually don’t quite know what actually she does. I’ve only seem her in meetings and occasionally walking around asking about my supervisor. It would be interesting to question her about what she does as a lead contractor and how she ended up in this high position in our company. The second person i’m interested in interviewing is my Intro to Mass Communication Professor. She’s a very sweet lady that seem passionate about teaching Mass Comm as well as keeping the students interested in relevant current events happening around the world. The questions I’d asked would focus on her past decisions and reasons for pursuing a career in Mass Communications. Why she decided to get into teacher, and how has ever evolving technology affected her teaching techniques.


2 thoughts on “Interview

  1. Hi Ronald – I think both individuals you have in mind would be a really good fit to interview. For the first person, it seems like it would be a good idea to really ask how she got to where she is especially if this is the career you want to go into. For your Mass Communications professor, I think it’s great you want to ask her since it is her profession so she would be able to give you incite from her career and as a teacher. I hope your interviews go great!


  2. I loved my intro to mass communications professor as well! She was always very kind and helpful. I wonder if we had the same one haha. I also think this interview would be interesting considering you could get some inside information as to how she grades and operates as a teacher.


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