Hyperlocal news

When we were first given this assignment to look up hyperlocal news sites, honestly I had no idea what hyperlocal news meant. After a little bit of google searching I learned that hyperlocal news is generally super specific news for a town, county or even a certain neighborhood that wouldn’t really be covered in a local news paper. Since this kind of information cant be covered in a local news paper, the only way to access this information is online. Once I found a could hyperlocal sites, I realized that many of them are actually really different depending on how specific the area you want your news to come from. One site helps you search stories by zip code and state so you can see what’s going on from anywhere in the country. Some sites broke down their news by different categories going on in their town, such as food, jobs, financial, etc.


Photo Journalism Ideas

I’m not entirely sure what I want to do for my photo journalism Project, but I have some ideas to get started. I was thinking about maybe doing it on one of the many museums all over the Tampa Bay area. Tampa is home to some of the worlds most amazing museums like the Tampa Bay Art Museum, downtown, or even the Salvador Dali Museum in St. Pete. These museums provide many beautiful works of art I can express to different people by using them in my photo journalism project. I shouldn’t have to stress about getting good and well focused shots since most of the works at these museums are still and are allowed to be photographed. This would be a fun learning experience for me since I’ve never really dabbled in photography, but I’ve attended several of the museums in Tampa and know a little bit about what to expect from them.

Service Journalism Project

There are two job fairs happening on the HCCs Plant City, and Brandon Campuses. Plant City’s job fair is happpening on October 10th from 9:30 in the morning to 12 in the afternoon, however Brandon’s job fair is on the 17th of October from 10 in the morning to 2 in the afternoon. I was thinking about doing the Service project on these fairs, since not many HCC students would know about these events if they do not attend these campuses. I want to talk about the importance of schools taking advantage of these opportunities to hold job fairs on campus, and what that might mean for students while earning a degree, or even after graduating from HCC. I’ll try to find the head organizer of these job fairs and interview them about what they want to achieve by holding job fairs on campus every year, and what it means to them for holding these events.

Writing a Narrative

There is an importance for future students to gain mass communication and journalism degrees. This story focuses on the the ever-evolving times and how the advancing technology are causing a rapid change in media, so many students need to gain degrees in these fields. With the increasing amount of students all over the country, coming into Colleges like Hillsborough Community College straight out of high school, they come seeking guidance. Many students, unsure of what career choice to follow in, could find themselves gaining a degree in Mass Communications or journalism. Nancy Lorenzen is a Mass Communication professor that has many years of experience in this field and has taught students at HCC for just over five years. with the number of journalism jobs increasing or decreasing over the past decade along with the trend of student graduates gaining degrees in these fields shows just how relevant and importance this media is to everyone.

Interview Prep

The person I decided on interviewing was my Mass Communications professor, Nancy Lorenzen. I prepared for this interview by making sure my audio recording device (aka my phone) was working correctly and had efficient storage incase the interview was longer than expected. I made sure to write down any important information about the topic that I could use as segways into other questions, as well as writing the questions down just in case I forget them. After writing the questions down, I then made sure to arrange my questions accordingly in the best order I feel they should be read in. Once I was ready and at the meeting place for the interview I made sure she was comfortable with where she was sitting and ready to begin being questioned. The interview went smoothly and I believe I gained a lot of good information about the topic to use for my article.

Mass Comm NOW

Ever since the Bill of Rights was written up in 1791, how people all over the country get their news has dramatically evolved.  First by having town criers shouting out public pronouncements to inform nearby listeners. Then local news papers being bought out and sold throughout towns and cities. Now there’s a mass range of ways to gain and consume news and media from all over the world.

The ever-evolving times, causing journalism to change… This is why we need more students to enhance with the times and gain Mass Communication degrees.

I spoke with a HCC Mass Communication professor about her reasoning for learning and teaching Mass Comm and what she thinks about the importance in future journalism.

  1. What was your main reasons for gaining a degree in Mass Communication?
  2. What drove you to start teaching Mass Comm?
  3. How do you think Mass Comm has changed since you were in college earning your degree?
  4. What ways do you try and keep up with how news is changing rapidly over time?
  5. Do you prefer newer methods of consuming news over the traditional ways?
  6. How has technology affect journalism in a positive and negative way?
  7. How do you feel about the state of journalism in 2018 going into 2019?
  8. How do you feel Journalism can be improved upon?
  9. What’s the most important piece of information you try and teach your students every semester?
  10. What do you hope your students gain from taking Mass Communication, and Journalism classes that should stick with them for the rest of their career?



I have a few people in mind to interview for the project. The first person is I have in mind is the lead contractor for my company. She is this very serious but compassionate person who does anything she can to get the job done. The reason why I would interview her is because I actually don’t quite know what actually she does. I’ve only seem her in meetings and occasionally walking around asking about my supervisor. It would be interesting to question her about what she does as a lead contractor and how she ended up in this high position in our company. The second person i’m interested in interviewing is my Intro to Mass Communication Professor. She’s a very sweet lady that seem passionate about teaching Mass Comm as well as keeping the students interested in relevant current events happening around the world. The questions I’d asked would focus on her past decisions and reasons for pursuing a career in Mass Communications. Why she decided to get into teacher, and how has ever evolving technology affected her teaching techniques.