Interview Prep

The person I decided on interviewing was my Mass Communications professor, Nancy Lorenzen. I prepared for this interview by making sure my audio recording device (aka my phone) was working correctly and had efficient storage incase the interview was longer than expected. I made sure to write down any important information about the topic that I could use as segways into other questions, as well as writing the questions down just in case I forget them. After writing the questions down, I then made sure to arrange my questions accordingly in the best order I feel they should be read in. Once I was ready and at the meeting place for the interview I made sure she was comfortable with where she was sitting and ready to begin being questioned. The interview went smoothly and I believe I gained a lot of good information about the topic to use for my article.


One thought on “Interview Prep

  1. I’m glad your interview went well and you were able to have a productive interview. I found it cool that you interviewed a mass communications professor since that is you major. Also, it is really nice of you to want to make sure that she was comfortable in the position she was in because your interview probably had a better outcome than if she was uncomfortable.


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